Automotive and classic car appraisal service for Northeast Ohio

When buying, selling or insuring a vehicle such as a muscle car, classic collector car, high-performance sports car count on DCI Motorsports to provide an accurate  inspection and appraisal.

Types of vehicles accept for inspection and appraisal

We can inspect any vehicle in any condition.

  • Classics
  • Muscle cars
  • Hot Rods
  • Antiques<>
  • Special interest cars
  • Vintage motorcycles
  • Military vehicles

Experience inspecting and appraising cars makes the difference

DCI Motorsports has over 37 years experience repairing, restoring, inspecting, appraising, buying and selling performance and vintage vehicles. Experience restoring one of the most rarest historic race car engines, a Pontiac Ram Air Five as highlighted in Hot Rod magazine, is a testament of DCI Motorsports knowledge of even the most unique collectable cars and their drive train combinations.

The inspection process goes beyond pen and paper

We inspect every inch of your vehicle including the body, chassis, drive train, electrical, and suspension. Additional options available including cylinder compression and leak down tests.

Common customers of DCI Motorsports inspection and appraisal service

  • Just bought a car in the Northeastern Ohio (Akron, Cleveland, Canton, Youngstown)
  • Owner of a custom Hot Rod needs appraisal for collector car insurance
  • Listing a car for auction, appraisal and inspection used to boost sale value

Fair honest Appraisals with thousands of satisfied client.

DCI Motorsports has been inspection and appraising vehicles since 1981. Each inspection covers every detail of the vehicle. For example, the paint quality and thickness for a factory original vehicle can impact the cars value, just as a mirror finish for a show quality hot rod affects the total value. If something is a-miss, it will be documented in the inspection and reflected in the appraisal.

Centrally located in Northeastern Ohio

Servicing Northeastern Ohio and vicinity. Vehicle can be inspected on-site or brought to the DCI Motorsports facility east of Akron.

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