Pontiac Engine Builder

misc. car show,RA V headers etc. 010DCI Motorsports is your premier Pontiac engine builder.

  • Factory engine restoration
  • Mildly modified for street
  • High performance for your pro touring Pontiac
  • Blower, turbo and super charged for your racing needs
  • Stroker cranks and custom chamber heads for custom builds

We build them all, from 1955-1979, factory restorations, mild street engines to high power race engines. All engine sizes welcome, from 326, 350, 389, 400, 428, 455’s and everything in-between.  This includes all five Ram Air engines, Super Duty engines, and HO Pontiac engines too. If Pontiac built it, we can build it, and better!

We don’t just Build Pontiac Engines, we make them better!

We don’t just build quality and performance Pontiac V8’s, we make them better!  We also design and sell modern high performance parts for Pontiac engines!

With over 30 years experience building power out of Pontiac engines, DCI Motorsports has the history and experience to build the Pontiac engine you want.

Solid roller Pontiac 400 pump gas friendly street motor

This is a DCI Motorsports example of a mildly modified pump gas friendly street motor utilizing a roller cam to reduce wear, extend cam life and performance.

Details Make the difference at DCI Motorsports

DCI Motorsports sets the standard for Pontiac engine builds. Here is a short list of the many engine building details that put DCI Motorsports a Cut Above The Rest.

  • Casting flash removal – Remove the possibility of pieces breaking off into the engine
  • Dowel pin height – Correctly set dowel pins properly locate cap and prevent it from possibly causing main-bearing problems
  • Oil hole lineup – Port matching and checking for obstructions in all oil passages to ensure optimal engine oil circulation.
  • Tap and chase all holes – Ensures no debris in threads which ensures proper torque readings
  • Convert stock pressed-in oil plugs – Tap and install screw-in plugs to increase durability
  • Push rod oiling conversions – Unmodified 1955-1964 rockers are typically oiled via ports through the cylinder heads
  • Blueprint oil pump – In addition, port match the pump to block oil feed port
  • Radius oil ports – Prevent sheering and turbulence which can cause foaming of the oil
  • Thrust bearing clearance – Both bearing shell clearance and crank thrust is set to specifications
  • Chamfer main bearing holes – Smooths transition for improved oil flow and prevents turbulence and sheering
  • Bearing clearances – We measure and assign each bearing to specific journals, we do this before grinding the crank (bearing sizes may not be the exact same size, which can change what needs ground during machining)
  • Measure journals – We measure rod and main journals in two locations 180 degrees apart to ensure roundness and three locations across to ensure no taper
  • Measure with bearings installed – With cap bolts torqued to calculate true bearing clearances for both main and rod bearings. All rod and main bearings are measured.
  • Line up timing chain – Install quality timing chain gears with offset keys to degree cam as precise as 1/2 degree
  • Clearance push rod holes – When designing for rockers exceeding 1.5 ratio, we elongate holes ensure there is no interference with the rods
  • Valve seals – Appropriate machining for positive valve seals or traditional O-ring-type seals with new valves.
  • Valve angles – Stock angles for stock builds and custom angles performed to complement port work
  • Valve sink – Valves installed at recommended height (sunken valves reduce low lift flow)
  • Valve spring height – Shims are installed to reach accepted tolerance +/- 0.010 inch
  • Piston-to-valve clearance – Modeling clay used on top of piston with intake and exhaust valves installed for one cylinder (no shortcuts here)
  • Rocker interference – We check for interference between the rocker and retainer by turning the engine assembly

For details about these and more DCI Motorsports assembly tips, see our articles on HotRod.com (previously High Performance Pontiac Magazine):

Gaskets and Seals set us apart!

DCI Motorsports partnered with BestGASKET to provide gaskets and seals that actually work for the Pontiac engines. Talk to DCI customers about leaks and they will all answer with “what leaks?”. Our attention to detail with gaskets and seals during the engine build process goes above and beyond, providing you a well-sealed Pontiac engine.

  • Quality GraphTite rear main seals, perfect replacement rope seal for factory cranks
  • Timing cover, oil pan, valley pan, and intake gaskets utilizing proprietary fiber material to seal every corner, contour and mating surface
  • Proper use of Ultra-Black silicone, Aviation Form-A-Gasket and other sealing products

Brents shipping crate 005Handling doesn’t stop once your engine leaves our door…

Care is taken with every shipment to protect your engine from damage. Detailed instructions accompany each shipment so you know what you need to do next. Extra care is taken to ensure your engine arrives ready to install.

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