DCI Split-Port Ram Air 5 Heads

DCI Split-Port Ram Air 5™ Product Details

DCI Motorsports Inc. has brought back the ultimate, ultra rare, holy grail of Pontiac’s: The legendary Ram Air 5 cylinder head. Not only have we reproduced this legend in aluminum we also put it on steroids. If you are a Pontiac enthusiast and love Pontiac’s. You have probably dreamed about owning the most rare and highest performance cylinder heads Pontiac Motor Division had to offer. The RA5 engines are extremely rare as they were never released on a production vehicle from GM. The only way you could get a set of these bad boys was over the counter at a GM dealership, until now! Now you can re live the excitement that PMD wanted you to experience.

Every DCI Split-Port Ram Air V Head is MADE IN USA for quality and performance!

Using highly efficient split ports and made to order combustion chamber shapes, DCI Ram Air V cylinder heads offer the most versatile high performance Pontiac heads on the market.

DCI 5 heads flow as cast 380+ cfm @ .800″ with a 2.20 valve!

Take a tour of our new DCI Ram Air Heads:

Detailed Ram Air Five Heads Pricing

$3499.00 Bare Set – includes with installed seats and guides.

$4999.00 Assembled Set – ready to run set with stainless valves, steel retainers, steel keepers, viton valve seals, and mild roller cam springs for up to .750″ lift.

Add the following options to any order…

  • Gasket matching: $150.00
  • Bowl blending: $350.00
  • Street porting (400+ cfm): $850.00
  • Street and strip porting (430+ cfm): $1050.00
  • Max effort porting 500+ cfm starting at $2,000.00 (depending on application)

Ready to order? Please have the following information ready on our RA5 build sheet.

More about DCI Split-Port Ram Air V Heads

  • The DCI Ram Air 5 heads will bolt onto a factory block with bores as small as 4.15
  • A factory valve cover fits without modification
  • All of our castings are cast without combustion chambers so that we can update them for the intended application.
  • Custom chambers are available for an additional fee. Every chamber is CNC’d to insure everyone is exactly the same.
  • Our heads even have all the original bolt hole locations for early and late alternator and power steering brackets.
  • Our exhaust ports are raised up a 1/2″ from factory to help straighten out the severe dog leg found in the factory heads.
  • Requires a DCI Ram Air 5 Intake Manifold.

Split-Port Ram Air 5 is a trademark of DCI Motorsports, Inc.

DCI Ram Air V Head Features

  • Factory original exterior (factory look)
  • Cast from 356A-T6 Aluminum
  • Early and late model accessory bracket holes
  • 380+ CFM as cast
  • Capable of 500+  CFM with porting
  • Will fit factory blocks with a 4.150″ bore or larger
  • 1″ nominal deck thickness
  • Interlocking valve seats
  • CNC machined combustion chambers for accuracy
  • Raised intake port 1″ over factory
  • High velocity split intake ports for impressive throttle response and torque
  • Spark plug location centered on bore for better flame propagation
  • 10° valve angle for a straighter port entry and exit
  • Capable of 2.400″ intake or 1.740″ exhaust valves
  • Rocker arm stud holes Heli coiled for added strength
  • Exhaust header bolt holes Heli coiled for added strength
  • Plenty of material added for porting
  • Improved 1-7/8″ round exhaust ports for better scavenging
  • Capable of 800+ HP on pump gas as cast with minor clean up (Dyno proven !!)

Ready to order? Please have the following ready on our RA5 build sheet before calling.

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Flow data with street porting

Flow data with 2.250″ intake valve and 1.68″ exhaust valve with our Street Porting Flowed on a Super Flow 600 bench at 28″ of test pressure on a 4.25″ test fixture.

Intake flow

Lift                 CFM
0.1″               84
0.2″              155
0.3″              203
0.4″              260
0.5″              316
0.6″              370
0.7″              403
0.8″              420
0.9″              430
1.0″              439

Exhaust flow

Lift                  CFM
0.1″               64
0.2″              114
0.3″              141
0.4″              170
0.5″              201
0.6″              238
0.7″              256
0.8″              265
0.9″              272
1.0″               280

Flow data with competition porting, bracket racing, or heads up

Flow data with our competition porting, Bracket racing, or heads up, no welding or moving guides, on a 4.250″ test fixture at 28″ test pressure. 2.350″ intake valve, 1.67″ exhaust valve intended for a 4.350″ bore:

Intake flow

Lift CFM
0.3″ 242
0.4″ 316
0.5″ 370
0.6″ 418
0.7″ 448
0.8″ 477
0.9″ 488
1.0″ 501


Exhaust flow

Lift CFM
0.3″ 143
0.4″ 185
0.5″ 219
0.6″ 244
0.7″ 257
0.8″ 269
0.9″ 287
1.0″ 297


Note: DCI Ram Air V heads are not legal for sale or use in California or other states with similar laws / regulations.

Warranty: There is no warranty or guarantee on high performance street or race engines or parts. There is no guarantee on horsepower and torque. All horse power and torque values are estimates only and can vary with fuel, altitude, improper installation, improper use, and other restrictions outside of DCI’s control.

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm – www.P65Warnings.ca.gov