Services provided by DCI Motorsports.


Flow testing on our in house Superflow 600 flow bench.

misc. car show,RA V headers etc. 017

Concourse engine restoration on all makes and models.

Hollandonner challenger 003

A 71 Challenger getting ready to be shipped to the media blaster.

misc. car show,RA V headers etc. 016

1969 Chevy 396 L89 aluminum head 375 H.P. big block waiting to be installed in a 69 Camaro

misc. car show,RA V headers etc. 010

Pontiac 541 cubic inch race engine with DCI Motorsports aluminum 450 cfm Tiger heads

misc. car show,RA V headers etc. 011

misc. car show,RA V headers etc. 007

Custom built headers for a 69 GTO with a ram air 5 engine

misc. car show,RA V headers etc. 029

melling select oil pump 004

Oil pump blue printing service has become mandatory since so many manufactures are out sourcing work over sea’s

melling select oil pump 008670 heads 005

Brents shipping crate 005

We hand build all of our engine crates to ship engines all over the world assuring safe delivery

Brents shipping crate 003

Brent Eaton 018

Here are several engine builds in different stages of completion all being done in our clean room

Brents 455 004

Oil drain back is an issue with aftermarket heads and this is DCI’s simple and neatly placed solution

Brent Eaton 034

Bearing clearances are spec’d for each individual customers engine for the type of use the engine will see

Brent Eaton 030

Checking crankshaft for out of round and taper is done to every engine DCI builds

Joe Camp 535 073

Cam degreeing is an often over looked step that could cost you horsepower and is always done here at DCI

Brent Eaton 006

Tapping the oil galleys that normally have pressed in plugs is always a good idea when using a high pressure oil pump

Brent Eaton 002

Drilling and tapping the lifter bores for oil restrictors is always a good idea when installing a solid roller camshaft. This will limit the oil to the top end of the engine keeping it in the pan were it belongs.


Line boring and honing is done on our sunnen CH100. This service is needed when converting to four bolt main caps and for truing up race blocks as well.

Buick E-Head 011

Cylinder head porting services are offered for all makes and models. Aluminum and iron heads.

Buick E-Head 021

Buick E-Head 006

Buick E-Head 003

670 heads 026

Precision Competition valve jobs are crucial to getting the most power from any engine.

670 heads 015

DCI Edelbrock wide ports 003

Making intake port openings wider requires the pushrod holes and intake bolt holes to be relocated, but is a must when increasing port volume

670 heads 031