DCI Ram Air Five Crate Engine

Photos of DCI Ram Air Five crate motor.

Videos of DCI Ram Air Five engine:


BlockFactory iron block hot tanked, bored & honed with deck plates, threads chased, magged, deburred, oil passages radiused, cleaned and painted.
Deck HeightStock, 10.225"
CrankEagle, Scat, or Ohio Crankshaft Forged 4340 steel crankshaft 4.25" stroke
Crank PreparationCleaned, inspected, checked for
bearing clearances and journals out of round,
micro-polished, and balanced
BalancerPioneer SFI Balancer
RodsEagle, Scat or Equivalent Forged 4340 steel H-Beam connecting rods
Rod PreparationCleaned, big and small ends
checked and fitted if needed
BearingsSpeed Pro, King, ACL, Durabond or equivalent
Bearing PreparationCleaned and inspected, checked for clearance
PistonsJE SRP, Speed Pro, Mahle, or equivalent Forged aluminum pistons and wrist pins 4.155" / 4.185" bore
Piston PreparationPin-fitted, deburred, weight-matched and cleaned
Piston PinsSpeed Pro, pressed or floating
with double locks
RingsJE, Speed Pro, Total Seal or equivalent file fit piston rings
Ring PreparationFitted to each individual bore,
deburred, and cleaned
Rod Bolts/Head BoltsARP, GM main and head bolts
Balancing SpecsBalanced to within half a gram
Oiling SystemModified Factory
Windage TrayNone (they shred and
come apart from rapid engine acceleration)
Crank ScraperNone
Oil PanGM stock replacement
Oil PumpMelling high-volume 60 psi (disassembled, checked for clearance andcorrected if needed, deburred, cleaned and reassembled)
HeadsDCI RA5 aluminum head castings 380 to 400 intake CFM with 2.25" intake valve, 270 exhaust cfm with 1.700 exhaust valve
Head ModsHot-tanked, blasted, magged for cracks,
DCI Custom competition valve job
1.77-in valve, ported for application, competition valve
job, bolt holes tapped, machined for positive
oil seals, cleaned and flow-tested
Combustion Chamber VolumeTBD
Intake Flow380 to 400 intake CFM with 2.25" intake valve
Exhaust Flow270 exhaust cfm with 1.700 exhaust valve
Compression Ratio10.5-1
ValvesSI stainless steel sever duty valves 2.25" intake, 1.70" exhaust
RetainersComp Cams 10-deg
KeepersComp Cams 10-deg
Valve GuidesDCI RA5 custom guide plates
Valve SeatsBest Gasket Viton positive
Rocker StudsARP 7/16"
Rocker ArmsHarland Sharp roller rockers 1.65 ratio
PushrodsTrend 3/8" heavy wall chromemolly pushrods
CamLSM custom ground Billet roller hydraulic profile camshaft
Duration at 0.050250/259
Liftup to .700" lift
LSA109 to 112 lobe separation
Installed PositionTBD
LiftersHowards solid roller
Valve SpringsComp Cams or equivalent roller valve springs
Valve SealsViton valve stem seals
Seat Pressure135 lb
Open Pressure320 lb
Timing ChainComp Cams or equivalent double roller timing chain set
IntakeEdelbrock Performer RPM dual-plane (port-matched to heads)
Carburetor (not included)Quick Fuel or Holley HP recommended
Carburetor Size950 cfm
Carburetor ModsIdle circuit re-calibrated for application,
re-jetted for application as needed
Carburetor JetsApplication specific
Fuel Pump (not included)Holley electric 150 gph, Holley regulator, fuel line size 1/2" recommended
Distributor (not included)GM HEI or MSD billet, MSD 6AL,MSD Blaster, Taylor 8mm recommended
Total Timing32 degrees
Initial Timing20 degrees
Mechanical Advance12 degrees
Vacuum AdvanceNone
Headers (not included)Hooker, Hedman, Doug's, or Flowtech, 1.75", 32 to 36" long, 3" diameter collectors recommended

Upgrades available for additional cost (please call for pricing):
Aftermarket iron or aluminum engine block
Harland Sharp, T&D, & Jesel Shaft rocker systems
ARP head stud kit
Intake Billet aluminum plenum spacers
DCI aluminum intake top for single Dominator, or dual 4150's,
Dominator carburetor
Increased compression
Street Porting
Street / Strip porting
Race porting
Titanium valves
Titanium retainers
PAC or PSI valve springs
Bigger custom ground camshafts
MSD crank trigger
Larger capacity oil pan and pick up
Billet oil pump
CVF Billet pulley systems
ATI, Innovators SFI harmonic balancers
SFI flywheel or flexplate

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