Pontiac Stock Factory Engine Restoration

Stock factory engine rebuild (call for latest pricing)

DCI Motorsports is your premier Pontiac engine builder. With over 40 years of engine building experience with an expertise in Pontiac engines, DCI Motorsports covers every detail with Pontiac engine restoration.

DCI Motorsports is no stranger to the most rare Pontiac combination. 1978 W72 400 Trans Am, 1965 Tri-power GTO, 1969 Ram Air IV GTO Judge, a 1973 Super Duty 455 Trans Am, or a 455 for a 1971 Grand Prix, DCI motorsports will rebuild your engine keeping the factory look and function while upgrading the fundamentals to allow your engine to reliably run on pump gas for generations to come. This Pontiac expertise is why Chuck Henley called upon DCI Motorsports for his concourse winning ’69 Ray Faro Pontiac Ram Air V GTO Judge. Read about the historic Ram Air V engine rebuild on HotRod Magazine.

During each rebuild, original parts are utilized as much as possible. All parts, engine block, heads, etc.. are verified during restoration process and correct paint codes for various years and engine service are used. No detail spared to keep your Pontiac concourse correct.

  • Disassemble and inspect engine for wear and damage
  • Hot tank & degrease all components
  • Deburr all parts removing casting flash that may dislodge causing engine failure
  • Check line bore     Note: Correct if needed at additional cost
  • Check deck heights   Note: Correct if needed at additional cost
  • Bore & Hone engine block
  • R&R pistons
  • R&R rod bolts
  • Resize factory connecting rods
  • R&R cam bearings
  • R&R freeze plugs and oil galley plugs
  • Mag crankshaft
  • Grind and Polish crankshaft
  • Check bearing clearances
  • Blueprint oil pump for improved idle pressure
  • Check guides
  • Mag heads for cracks
  • Stock factory valve job
  • Clean and fit all new parts
  • Paint engine components correct factory color
  • Assemble complete engine in our dust free engine assembly room

New parts used for build:

  • Sealed Power or equivalent cast pistons and wrist pins
  • Sealed Power or equivalent piston rings
  • Sealed Power or equivalent engine bearings
  • Sealed Power factory replacement timing chain set
  • ARP connecting rod bolts
  • Melling oil pump
  • Speed Pro brass freeze plug kit
  • DCI Motorsports stock replacement camshaft
  • Johnson hydraulic lifters
  • DCI / Best Gasket gaskets
  • Best Gasket graphtite rear main seal
  • Cast iron replacement water pump

Parts reused from provided core:

  • Engine block
  • Crankshaft
  • Connecting rods
  • Cylinder heads
  • Intake manifold
  • Timing cover, water pump separator plate, tubes
  • Harmonic balancer
  • Oil pan
  • Factory fasteners
  • Cam thrust plate and bolts
  • Fuel pump eccentric
  • Oil filter adapter
  • Distributor
  • Distributor hold down
  • Spark plug wires
  • Valley cover  Note: Cut apart , clean, and re weld if needed at additional cost
  • Dip stick
  • Dip stick tubes upper and lower  Note: replace if needed at additional cost
  • Flywheel / Flexplate
  • Carburetor  Note: Rebuild if needed at additional cost

All engines assembled by DCI Motorsports are run on our in house engine stand or dyno for an additional fee. No exceptions !!! This requires the correct oil, filters, spark plugs, and fuel plus labor.

The in-house engine stand run service consists of:

  • Putting engine on run stand or dyno
  • Installing ignition components
  • Installing fuel system
  • Starting engine to break in camshaft
  • Set ignition timing for combination
  • Check for leaks
  • Re Torque cylinder heads
  • Re adjust valves
  • Cut oil filter apart to inspect for unwanted debris

Note: A complete good factory core must be provided by client.

Assembly and attention to detail

Please see the Pontiac Engine Builder page for complete details what goes into each DCI Motorsports Pontiac engine rebuild.

Photos of previous customer’s factory engine rebuilds

Pontiac 400 W72 engine restoration for 1977 Trans Am

Pontiac 400 W72 engine restoration for 1977 Trans Am